HOW TO INSTALL VIDEO-The qi-NOW Wireless Cell Phone Charging Platform
Video Here- The qi-now Wireless Cell Phone Charging Platform Is WATERPROOF
Simple Installation​
Waterproof-Protected Against Spills
2-Year Warranty
Available In Sets Of 10-15-20 or more 



1) Using A 3.25" Hole Saw


2) Make SURE To Be Careful Of The Dur-A-Edge And Also The Base Mount Under The Table


3) Separate Threaded Housing And Insert From The Bottom Of The Table


4) Screw TIGHTLY To Secure Placement


5) Connect The Micro USB To The qi-NOW Disk And Then To A Wall Outlet By Using The USB Wall Adapter Or Our "Always On" Battery Pak In Which You Can Tether Several Together- Ideal For Large Community Tables And Bar Tops.


*NOW Your Customers Can Enjoy The FREEDOM Of Wireless Cell Phone Charging...

*Available For Table Thickness From 1.5"-3"